Angel With A Harp
A poem by Lisa Davis

Angel With A Harp

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She was so small, so very shy one may not have noticed her at first
As She watched with quiet joy the tumult of excitement.
She had no assignment on this particular day.
She was not skilled in preparing for a great birth
Her gift from the Heavenly Father was a tender heart,
And the ability to express those emotions in song.
So she was content to merely observe and patiently wait.
Amid the angelic rush and flurry the Master had not forgotten.
He crossed the golden street and gently touched her shoulder.
"I have something special for you to do tonight. Where is your harp?"
"It is here, Master," she replied, "Shall I play you something now?"
"Not yet," He answered, "but, at my command play for Me all you feel."
She watched Him ascend His throne and marveled that He showed no sorrow
And wondered that He could give His only Son to man so undeserving.
She gazed down at the world below to Bethlehem, the chosen place.
Already angels were gathered at the stable to attend the Virgin.
The star spangled blue velvet of night rolled across the skies.
Suddenly, a hush fell across Heaven; the little angel trembled with expectation.
Not a movement was made, not a whisper spoken as all of Heaven waited.
In awe the angels held their breath as the Christ Child drew His first on earth.
Then pierced the silence a baby's first cry; Salvation was born!
Angels proclaimed the glad tidings to Earth and Heaven rang with joy!
The Master stood, His glory shining all around, stretched forth His hand to her,
"Now!" He said.
From the splendor of Heaven, thru the clear starry night, to the manger of Bethlehem
Came the sweetest notes of pure praise drawn from the very soul of that little angel.
With a heart full of holy reverence she told the story in melody.
As the last note drifted into time everlasting, the Master smiled upon her.
"Never before has Heaven or Earth heard such beauty. Well done."
The Little angel bowed low at her Master's feet.
"For Your glory I have played upon Strings of Gold and flung the notes
into Eternity."
~ Lisa Chyanne Davis Bailey ~

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