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About Connie

Connie has been playing the harp professionally for over 20 years and gives numerous harp performances at many different churches and musical venues in the Kansas City area.

Kansas City Locations:

The Fairmont Hotel
Longview Mansion
Hyatt Regency
Crown Center
Union Station
The Elms Resort
The Loretto
Marriott on the Plaza
Many other places

Music Programs

Besides playing her harp at many weddings, she also gives programs on such topics as:
"Harp Music From Around the World"
"Christmas Music From Around the World"
"The Use of the Harp in Music Therapy"
"History of the Harp"
"How Music Affects Your Body"

Why Choose Angel With A Harp

She has been featured on television programs and in various Kansas City newspaper media. Connie received her Bachelors degree in 1986 and a Masters degree in 1997.

Serving Kansas City and Area